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WEB3 tools, Hardware Wallets, Security keys and VR Headset

Air-gapped hardware wallet, no pc connection and secure.

Hi, today we talk about a type of hardware wallet very special and dedicated to a user a bit more technical.

As always I will try to present you the main features without exaggerating with the technicalities, this site is made for normal users, who want to use the hardware wallet without going crazy, But anyway, if you’re using a hardware wallet, I’m sure you’re someone who likes technology.

Without wasting too much time, the four hardware wallets I want to introduce you to are:

Safepal, Ellipal Titan, Ngrave and Coldcard Mk3.

They are different especially for the price, but they are join from being Air-gapped, without physical connection to the PC. They do not use USB cable, NFC, Bluetooth, Wifi, but usually a connection through a camera and QR codes, or as in the case of Coldcard, the PSBT system (BIP174) and that is the validation of the transaction in two steps.

I will show you the main features, starting from the most user friendly, up to the most complex, but interesting in my opinion, ideal for satisfying the geek inside you.

Let’s start with Safepal

Safepal is one of the most complete and transversal hardware wallets, as mentioned in the previous article on the cheapest hardware wallets, Safepal is in a perfect position, because it is cheap and easy to use, being produced under the strong influence of the Binance exchange, and like all Asian products, the policy of the very low price to acquire market share places him in a good position.

Today the price is $39.99 the lowest in the category.

In addition to having an EAL 5+ class security chip, a real entropy generator and a self-destruct mechanism, it is Air-Gapped and means that to validate transactions has no bluetooth connection, no wi-fi, no NFC and no USB connection.

You may wonder how transactions are validated, well in tandem with the Safepal app, you can manage your asset between more than 20 blockchain and 10000 tokens, framing with your smartphone the QR code that will appear on the display of the hardware wallet Safepal, all without any connection between the two devices.

The only time that Safepal is connected to a PC is to upgrade the firmware and through the procedure described on the official website, you can download a file that will be uploaded to the hardware wallet memory, the upgrade is necessary to add support to new cryptocurrencies and keep the system up to date.

Inside the package you will find:

  • 1x Safepal S1 hardware wallet
  • 3x Card for the Mnemonic Phrase
  • 1x display cleaning cloth
  • 2x Sticker
  • 1x USB cable
  • 1x Instruction Manual

Find the Safepal S1 at the link below:


Another interesting hardware wallet is Ellipal Titan

Ellipal Titan is a very good hardware wallet, also sold at a good price, aesthetically is very robust and solid, the body as the name says is entirely made of metal. Built with the highest standard anti burglary, the device is made to get damaged if you try to open the body, also if an intrusion is detected it is programmed to erase all the data contained in it. It is also IP65 therefore resistant to water and dust.

Coming to the point of this article Ellipal Titan is completely Air-gapped as it has no Wifi, USB, Bluetooth, NFC and GSM connection, therefore it is completely disconnected and the SEED resides safely in the Secure chip without having any internet connection.

Transactions are validated offline via opensource offline QR code, verifiable and secure, practically generates the transaction with the ellipal app, then Ellipal scans through the cam the QR code of the app, then Ellipal checks the transaction and creates a second QR code that is scanned with the app from the phone and then validate the transaction. It’s easier to do than to say…

You can set multiple passwords and passphrases to increase security, and up to 10 accounts can be created, each can contain all the currencies supported (about 7000).

Click the link below to buy it and for more information:


And now the brand new NGRAVE.

After a successful crowdfunding campaign, the brand new NGRAVE hardware wallet is about to be released, the first to obtain the highest CC EAL 7 certification. It costs a little bit more than the previous ones but it is the state of the art regarding the protection of your private keys. Starting from being completely Air-gapped, no wifi, nfc, bluetooth or USB connection, the private key always remains offline, effectively eliminating any possible online attack vector.

As said transaction are validated via QR code, according to this scheme:

  • Initialize the transaction in the Ngrave app
  • Scan the generated QR code with the Hardware Wallet
  • Verify and sign the transaction
  • Scan the QR code with the Ngrave app
  • Send your validated transaction

Designed to meet the strong demand for security in the world of cryptocurrencies, Ngrave is the result of extensive research and recent developments, supported by the famous cryptographer Jean-Jacques Quisquater, second reference in Satoshi Nakamoto’s paper, in Belgium in the heart of Europe has been designed and produced the state of the art of safety technology.

Equipped with a large touch screen and metal body, offers a very high level of entropy thanks to the light sensor that randomly generate your private key, in addition to this is equipped with a fingerprint sensor and a chip TRNG (True Random Number Generation) and the generated private key is only shown on the display and therefore always offline.

Through the Ngrave Liquid app you can manage transactions with QR codes and synchronize your coins to keep track of their performance.

Find the link below to buy it and for more information:


If you are not satisfied, it is time to pull out the heavy artillery, I present COLDCARD MK3

Coldcard MK3 wallet is the Canadian hardware wallet, ideal for those seeking security and privacy, its peculiarity is that it supports only bitcoins and is the favorite of users used to experiment, maybe using it together with wallet software such as Electrum or Wasabi, ideal for making Coinjoin.

The wallet has some of the most advanced security features such as using “Secure chip”, opensource firmware, screen and mechanical numeric keypad and the ability to make backups and move transactions validated or not validated on MicroSD and then totally disconnected from a PC (potentially compromised), using the standard PSBT (BIP174) that allows you to partially sign a transaction making your wallet completely Air-gapped.

Here are its Pros, in my opinion:

  • 100% open source
  • Air-Gapped PSBT signature
  • “Secure chip” private key
  • Minimal security and privacy-oriented appearance (even the transparent shell makes the Secure chip visible to physically destroy it, if necessary)
  • Firmware only bitcoin

The cons in my opinion are:

  • being bitcoin only can be a hardware wallet too radical

If you love to experiment and for you, privacy is essential, this is the hardware wallet that suits you, buy it at the link below:


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