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Ellipal Joy – mnemonic phrase generator

If you are a true advocate of security and do not trust the entropy generated by your hardware wallets, you will now have an additional solution, simple, offline and open-source!

Ellipal Joy is a device that generates random mnemonic phrases according to the BIP39 standard and allows you to generate sentences of 12/15/18/21/24 words offline.

Since BIP39 is the common standard for almost all hardware wallets, you can use Ellipal Joy with other hardware and software wallet manufacturers.

What problems does Ellipal Joy solve?

  • Generating a mnemonic phrase from an online device exposes you to the risk of cyberattacks.
  • Are you sure that the seed generation is truly random and safe?
  • Who tells you the seed isn’t already preset?

Ellipal Joy solves these problems by operating in a totally isolated, open-source and verifiable environment, which follows the standard BIP39 protocol, using “True Random” chips.

By pressing the Ellipal Joy button three times, you will easily generate your mnemonic phrase, completely offline, safe from attacks, all verifiable because the software is open-source.

At this address you can find the sources of the opensource firmware if you want to check for yourself:


In addition to the firmware, I wanted to analyze the inside of the Ellipal Joy to see how the electronic circuit is composed, as you can see the microcontroller used is from ST Microelectronics, here you can find the datasheet: STM32H7B0

The generated mnemonic phrase can be used for other hardware wallets that allow to generate the mnemonics externally such as Trezor, Bitbox02, Coldcard, Ellipal Titan himself and other manufacturers.

Do you want to buy an Ellipal Joy? Go here :

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