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Ellipal titan


ELLIPAL TITAN is a new generation cryptocurrency Hardware Wallet. Using QR code technology, ELLIPAL has developed a system that allows you to efficiently transfer private keys and validate transactions without any connection. This, not only increases practicality and portability, but also improves safety.

Without any connection, ELLIPAL becomes completely isolated from all networks and devices (air-gapping) making it impossible to hack or steal information. The company was founded in 2017 and is based in Hong Kong, and thanks to the success of the first version of the hardware wallet, recently launched the new TITAN version, even more durable and secure.

Ellipal features:

Platforms:Android, iOS
Content of the box:– Ellipal wallet
– Ellipal safety adapter
– Magazine
– Special sheet of paper for recovery seed
– Manual
– Stickers
I/O interface:Touchscreen, Camera
Altcoin support:yes
Supported coins:41 Coins
U2F authentication:yes
Battery:Lithium – 650 hours
Interface:Camera to read QR code (air-gapped)
Advantages:– No PC needed for validate transactions
– Easy to use thanks to touch screen
– App for the smartphone to extend its capabilities
– Supports various coins
Disadvantages:– maybe too big (like a smartphone)
ellipal titan
Vote hardware wallet Ellipal Titan
Discover Ellipal Titan directly from the manufacturer’s website, and buy it for $ 139.00
  • No PC needed to validate transactions (air-gapped)
  • Simple to use thanks to the large touch screen
  • Smartphone app to extend its functionality
  • It supports many coins
  • Solid and hard metal body
  • Magnetic charging base
  • Big as a smartphone and could be bulky

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