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Ledger Nano X

The Ledger Nano X is the hardware wallet successor of the famous Nano S, was presented at CES 2019, winning the award as best innovation. It offers the state of the art regarding the components of the “Secure Element” EAL5+, and its particularity is the support to the bluetooth, the battery and the screen to be able to use it on the go, without problems. In addition, the ROM memory, which is the achilles heel of the Nano S model, has been expanded and can now support up to 100 assets at the same time.


Platforms:Windows, Linux, Mac, Android, Chrome OS, iOS
Compatibility:MyceliumMyEtherWalletFIDO/U2FBitstampSSH Agent, Password Generator, OTP
Content of the box:– Ledger Nano X Hardware Wallet
– Cable USB-C
– Stickers
– Special sheet of paper for recovery seed
– Quick start guide
I/O interface:2 Keys, Monochrome Screen
Altcoin support:yes, ERC-20 Token
Supported coins:56 Coins
U2F authentication:yes
Opensource / OS:No / Bolos
Interface:Bluetooth, USB-C
Advantages:– Simple retrieval phrase with 24 words
– State-of-the-art safety components
– Simple shape with two buttons and wide monochrome screen
– Battery powered with Bluetooth connection
– Supports more than 1100 assets
– Large ROM that supports up to 100 Apps.
Disadvantages:– Nothing
Ledger Nano X
Vote hardware wallet Ledger Nano X
Discover Ledger Nano X directly from the manufacturer’s website, and buy it for € 149.00
  • Simple 24 word recovery sentence (BIP39)
  • State of the art components for safety
  • Simple design with two mechanical buttons and large monochrome display
  • Battery powered with Bluetooth connectionh
  • It supports up to 1100 assets
  • Large ROM up to 100 apps installed
  • Full-featured Ledger Live Software
  • Nothing

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