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Accedi in sicurezza al mondo crypto e web3, Hardware wallet, Chiavette e Visori VR


SafePal is developed by experts with over 15 years of experience in cyber security, hardware and software development and design in the crypto space. SafePal S1 adopts an Air-gapped signature system like the aforementioned Ellipal Titan, therefore without bluetooth, Wifi or NFC connection.

SafePal is truly mobile and compatible with Android, without having a PC you can transact your currencies anywhere and anytime using the SafePal app and wallet.

Main functions:

100% Offline – Safepal adopts an Air-gapped system based on QR codes as a validation mechanism that solves any risk related to USB, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, NFC, or other radio frequencies, this leads to better security of your private key.

Safe and Secure – Safepal uses an EAL 5+ grade Secure element and a real entropy generator, all to protect your private key.

Multi currency – Safepal supports more than 20,000 coins and tokens, and more are added every day.

Box contents:– Safepal S1 Hardware Wallet
– 3x Mnemonic card
– USB cable
– Cleaning cloth
– User manual
– Sticker
Interface I/O:– Camera for scanning QR code
– 1.3 inch IPS screen
– Mechanical keys
Altcoin support:Yes
Coins supported:23 Blockchain and 20.000 token
Opensource / OS:No
Secure ElementYes
EntropyTrue random number generator Chip
Interface:Completely Air-gapped
Vote hardware wallet Safepal S1
Discover Safepal S1 directly from the manufacturer’s website, and buy it at $ 49.99
  • Very economical and compact
  • Air-gapped
  • Ideal on the go
  • Top-of-the-range features
  • It supports many assets
  • Sicurity EAL 5+ 
  • Software only on Mobile App

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