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Accedi in sicurezza al mondo crypto e web3, Hardware wallet, Chiavette e Visori VR

Ledger Stax

ledger stax

Ledger Stax the latest addition to the Ledger family. I’ve always wondered why other hardware wallet manufacturers used touch screens to validate transactions with QR codes, view NFTs, etc. and Ledger the market leading manufacturer doesn’t go the same way…now I have the answer. It was too trivial to enlarge […]

Ledger Nano S plus

ledger nano s plus

Ledger recently launched the update of its best-selling Hardware wallet, the brand new Ledger Nano S Plus. Listening to customer criticism, Ledger has managed to create an excellent product that combines simplicity and technical features, ideal for the average user who is approaching the world of hardware wallet for the […]

Ellipal Joy – mnemonic phrase generator

Ellipal Joy

If you are a true advocate of security and do not trust the entropy generated by your hardware wallets, you will now have an additional solution, simple, offline and open-source! Ellipal Joy is a device that generates random mnemonic phrases according to the BIP39 standard and allows you to generate […]

Blockstream Jade

Blockstram Jade

The first hardware wallet specifically made for Liquid. Completely open-source, ideal for storing your bitcoins and Liquid assets. Its main feature is that it is completely open-source, even the firmware can be installed on your own self-built hardware. Being produced by the Blockstream company, for those unfamiliar with it, it’s […]



SafePal is developed by experts with over 15 years of experience in cyber security, hardware and software development and design in the crypto space. SafePal S1 adopts an Air-gapped signature system like the aforementioned Ellipal Titan, therefore without bluetooth, Wifi or NFC connection. SafePal is truly mobile and compatible with […]