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WEB3 tools, Hardware Wallets, Security keys and VR Headset


Small, Opensource and with interesting features!

Bitbox02 is the Hardware wallet of the Swiss company Shift Cryptocurrency, based in Zurich. Bitbox was developed by Douglas Bakkum and Bitcoin Core developer Jonas Schnelli.

Platforms:Windows, Linux, Mac
Compatibility:Copay, Electrum, MyEtherWallet, TOR, Fido/U2F, Tail OS
Content of the box:– Bitbox02 wallet multi edition
– Micro SD Card
– USB-C to USB-A adapter
– USB-C extension cable
– Rubber strap
– Stickers
I/O interface:USB-C, Micro SD per Backup, Touch
Altcoin support:yes
Supported coins:3 Coins + ERC-20
U2F authentication:yes
Opensource / OS:yes
Dimensions:54.5×25.4×9.6 mm
Interface:128 64 px white OLED display / capacitive touch buttons
Advantages:– Compatible with TOR , Tails OS, FIDO/U2F
– Native opensource software
– Solid and minimalist, like a simple USB
Disadvantages:– Natively supports few cryptos (but can be a security advantage)
Vote hardware wallet Bitbox02
Discover Bitbox02 directly from the manufacturer’s website, and buy it for € 139.00
  • Compatible with TOR, Tails OS, FIDO / U2F
  • Native open-source firmware
  • Solid and minimalist, unobtrusive
  • Backup with MicroSD
  • Firmware only Bitcoin
  • Natively supports few crypto

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